About Me!


Hi! I’m Mieka and welcome to my first blog 😅. I’ve been wanting to divulge my most deepest and darkest secrets online for awhile now, but I thought I would just start with my random interests instead. If you were expecting an autobiography you have definitely come to the wrong place! I have decided to spare you from such boring details and bad writing… for now! However, if you fancy categories and labels here are a few boxes that I probably fit into:

  • Ma, Mommy, Mother, Mama, Mom!
  • Gadget Geek
  • Music Maniac
  • World Traveller
  • Language Lover
  • Registered Nurse
  • Anime/Manga Nerd
  • Newbie Photographer
  • Girl Gamer
  • Learning the Middle-Way… Buddhist!
  • Wannabe Vegan (Vegetarian for now!)

Welcome to my life and my passions… keep in touch! 😘

Jamaica 2019… The Food!

Rice, beans, and veggies.
My favorite… I ate it every morning for breakfast. Ackee, Bammy, Callaloo, Plantains, and Fresh Fruit.
Nate’s Very American Breakfast… French Toast, Eggs and Bacon.
Curry Chickpeas
Veggie Pasta
Cake of some sort…
Wedding Cake!
Ackee… before the poisonous gas releases!
Found a veggie burger with Jerk sauce… Winning!
Pina Colada
Blue Mountain Birthday Cake… Ganja Free!
Delicious Coconut Water!